The Journey Begins


Private pristine beaches engage with the sea.
Elevate one’s senses to the highest degree.
White froth from the waves on the light golden sands
Is spread out as if snowflakes, etched by God’s hands.
The azure and teal sea reflected from the sky
Where white misty clouds drift quite aimlessly by.
Enchantment surrounds and romance fills the air
To be lost in paradise without care.
This island’s pure allure cannot be denied
In luxurious features, it will provide.
Bask on her beaches, swim in her aqua seas
Then up with natives under cooling palm trees.
Waterfalls beckon through adventurous trails
Then sail off into sunset watching for whales.
Maui “the valley isle,” a nickname in tune
With its high cliffs and shadows lit by the moon.
Connie Marcum



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